The unpredicted deeds of Molly Black

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SLINGBLADE - The unpredicted deeds of Molly Black
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Metal traditionnel de la Suède! SLINGBLADE rappelle à KING DIAMOND et beaucoup d`autres groupes des années 80!

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The hottest band in Sweden!
Drunk, belligerent and always dressed in denim & leather
Slingblade is bound not only to start a fight, but to finish it with style. Fronted by Bon Scott reincarnated as a woman, this five-piece from Stockhom has put together years of experience in the Swedish music scene and now they're spitting out the remains: blood, teeth and straight up heavy metal the way it was intended to be.
Firearms and brass knuckles are for wimps and posers, this is a SLINGBLADE right through your heart. Let there be razor sharp metal - until death do us part.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The nature of evil 4:33
2 - Back to class 4:09
3 - Tie her to the cross 4:07
4 - The demon 4:56
5 - Reverend's daughter 4:34
6 - Slasher on the loose 5:09
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