Disguised vultures

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SISTER - Disguised vultures
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The sleaze/punk influenced metal outfit known as SISTER, who hail from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden,
formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. SISTER
consists of four members who combine the sounds of punk, glam, rock, and metal with an end result
sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N' Roses.
During 2006 and 2007, SISTER played all over Sweden and also travelled abroad often. In 2008, SISTER
toured across Europe, including gigs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Norway.
Enter 2009 SISTER released the EP Deadboys Making Noise and a video for the track Too Bad for You,
which garnered great reviews from critics and fans alike while also catching the attention of Primordial’s
Alan Averill 'Nemtheanga'. Alan, having recently signed on to assist with A&R at Metal Blade Records,
brought SISTER to the label’s attention in 2010 helping to secure the band a worldwide record deal.
SISTER´s first full-length album Hated was released in June 2011. The album was recorded by Martin
Sweet and mixed by Tobias Lindell (Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Europe) and got critical acclaim all over
the world.
Since then the band has toured with U.D.O., Hardcore Superstar, Wednesday 13 (from Murderdolls),
Crashdiet and Fozzy. They have played numerous festivals like Sonisphere Spain in 2012, were they
opened the big stage, and Bang Your Head festival 2012 in Germany.
In the autumn of 2013 SISTER recorded the follow-up to Hated together with Martin Sweet and Linus
Nirbrant. The single Sick has been released on a limited edition color vinyl in October 2013 together with a
video shortly before their second tour with Wednesday 13 in Europe started. The new album Disguised
Vultures really shows what the band is all about with their heavy, raw sound and attitude.

Jamie Anderson - Vox
Rikki Riot - Bass
Tim Tweak - Guitar
Cari Crow - Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - My enemy 4:04
2 - Sick 3:05
3 - Disguised vultures 5:16
4 - Arise 3:03
5 - We salute 'em 4:18
6 - Slay yourself 2:23
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