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SATURN - Ascending
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Les Suédois de Saturn nous proposent avec "Ascending (live in space)", un album prog hard rock 70's au bon vieux gros son, héritier de Deep Purple, Rainbow ou UFO, qui décrasse bien les oreilles.

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Heavy metal isnt rocket science. The genre's fundamental values and sonic staples may have been continually refined and redefined over the last four decades, but its core components remain the same as ever: volume, power, passion and imagination. And thats where Saturn come in. While metals diversity has never been greater, there will always be something exhilarating about hearing a young band channelling the effervescent spirit of heavy musics founding fathers; adding enough of their own identity to side-step dead-eyed repetition, but always exhibiting a profound love for and understanding of what makes the best music engage, endure and enlighten. Saturns debut album "Ascending" encapsulates that idea with exquisitely naturalistic fervour. This is sound of the past, present and future colliding in a shower of riffs, melodies and otherworldly magic.
Drawn from a steady diet of Sabbath, UFO, Budgie, Deep Purple, Rainbow and, perhaps most importantly, the Judas Priest of Sad Wings Of Destiny and Sin After Sin, the Saturn sound is one that declares a sincere and unapologetic debt to the greats of a bygone era, but this is no lazy exercise in retro posturing. Instead, Ascending conjures its own distinctive world of epic grandeur and gritty oomph via the dextrous weaving of ageless, hallowed ingredients and a jolting injection of contemporary exuberance and verve. Songs like Rokktori and Tower Of Terror exude both a deep affinity with the blues and an intuitive grasp of what occurred when metals original blueprint mutated into the tougher tirades of NWOBHM.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - So, You Have Chosen Death 4:42
2 - Rokktori 4:43
3 - Over The Influence 8:24
4 - Leadersheep 4:25
5 - Peasant 5:05
6 - Tower Of Terror 6:50
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