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The bloodshed summoning

SACRED STEEL - The bloodshed summoning
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

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True metal à la structure classique allemand


Far from any cliché, at the same time knee-deep within any metal cliché. Sacred Steel have always been polarizing the metal audience. There’s no way that the earthshaking sound of the Ludwigsburg metal commando can leave a listener untouched. Love them or hate them: rarely a band on the metal scene in these days has met the same paradigm.
Now, after fifteen years of battles for metal, Sacred Steel are ready to unleash their 8th studio opus. ‘The Bloodshed Summoning’ comes more than three years after the acclaimed ‘Carnage Victory’ and, well, it was worth the wait. Recorded in Poland and produced by the band itself in corporation with Bart Gabriel, the album kicks massive ass once again, showing a band stronger and angrier than ever, once again sporting a true metal attitude that most bands only could dream of.
‘The Bloodshed Summoning’ offers twelve tracks of pure skull-crushing metal, in the purest tradition of Sacred Steel. The pounding drums of Mathias Straub, the roaring bass of Kai Schindelar, the screaming guitars of Jens Sonnenberg and Jonas Khalil and the soaring vocals of Gerrit P. Mutz, once again screaming his heart out on lyrics loaded with blasphemy and rage: none of the trademark of the band has been forgotten, none of them failed to appear. And the same time, the new album could easily be spotted as the freshest and most variable in the whole discography of Sacred Steel: from pounding double-bass attacks to darkened mid-tempos, through galloping riff storms, ‘The Bloodshed Summoning’ offers everything to delight any Sacred Steel maniac and true metal lover.
And again, it’s an album far from any possible compromise. You will love it or hate it. Yet, it won’t leave you untouched. (Sandro Buti / Metal Maniac)

tracklist Durée
1 - Storm of fire 1916 3:05
2 - No God / No religion 4:52
3 - When the siren calls 4:47
4 - The darkness of angels 5:49
5 - The bloodshed summoning 5:43
6 - Under the bannert of blasphemy 2:28
7 - Black towers 4:14
8 - Crypts of the fallen 5:40
9 - The night they came to kill 3:59
10 - Join the congregation 0:17
11 - Journey to purgatory 7:30
12 - Doomed to eternal hell 1:00
13 - Perversions of the scriptures 3:23
14 - Unbinding the chains 4:43
15 - Dig up her bones (Misfits) 2:50
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