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L'album le plus sombre, profond et symphonique auquel Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIUS) à participé!

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Revolution Renaissance, the new band of the Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki has signed a worldwide deal for one album with Scarlet Records. The last weeks have kept Tolkki and his band members busy putting finishing touches to the bands first real debut album entitled Age Of Aquarius. Recorded over three months in Finland, it is by far the darkest, heaviest and most symphonic album that Tolkki has ever been involved in. Finding a close connection with his new band members Gus Monsanto and Bruno Agra, the trio locked itself in a cabin in Finland for a month and composed ten new songs. It is the first time during Tolkkis career that he shared the whole songwriting process with other band members. I just felt this incredibly fresh vibe with these guys and the songs were just flowing. It was so natural process that it almost felt like the songs were already composed and we just let them be born. It was possible because in Gus and Bruno I finally have found the kindred spirits I have been looking for so long. The results were something that none of us were expecting and yet at the same time, we felt that this record is exactly the way it is supposed to be, comments Tolkki. It is very difficult to describe the style of the music Revolution Renaissance is playing. There are a lot of trademarks from Tolkkis Stratovarius days, his guitar solos are more aggressive and fast than in years, the production is monumental and is enhanced by Agras orchestral arrangements

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1 - Age Of Aquarius
2 - Sins Of My Beloved
3 - Ixion's Wheel
4 - Behind The Mask
5 - Ghost Of Fallen Grace
6 - Heart Of All
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