Ruining lives

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PRONG - Ruining lives
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"Ruining Lives" is the follow-up to the acclaimed 2012 release "Carved Into Stone" and continues to show the band on an upward trajectory, proving that despite having a long, illustrious career PRONG can still make records that matter and re-invent themselves without negating their roots. With Tommy Victor in the producer`s chair and Steve Evetts once again coming in to put his trademark shine on the record, "Ruining Lives" has turned out to be a monster of an album. From the first riff-assault of the opener 'Turnover' , the album takes you on an angst-filled roller coaster ride that marries some very old school, "Beg To Differ" -elements with post-punk, industrial metal, hardcore thrash, all the while retaining a modern and current feel. Fans of the bands legendary, genre-defining "Cleansing" -era and new fans alike will be thrilled.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Turnover 3:35
2 - The Barriers 3:31
3 - Windows Shut 4:02
4 - Remove, Separate Self 3:58
5 - Ruining Lives 4:41
6 - Absence Of Light 3:42
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