Skin and bones

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LYRIEL - Skin and bones
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  • Genre:Mittelalter / Folk, Rock/Alternative
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Great mixture of Rock, folky elements, Gothic melancholy, a Metal edge and emotional lyrics.

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LYRIEL - the band?s name already implies that lyrics are very important for this German outfit.
So their compositions become the vehicle to carry the emotions. LYRIEL have forged their own sound, mixing powerful Rock/Metal
with Gothic influences and folky elements. The group?s new (5th) studio album ?Skin And Bones? shows another refinement of the
LYRIEL sound without abandoning their roots. What distinguishes LYRIEL from other bands is the tasteful use of violin and cello in
the studio and on stage, combined with energetic rhythms and the varied, expressive vocals by Jessica Thierjung.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Numbers 4:45
2 - Falling skies 4:45
3 - Skin and bones 4:02
4 - Black and white 4:45
5 - Days had just begun 4:17
6 - Your eyes 3:57
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