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This debut album introduces a new style and technique to Luca’s already mighty repertoire, enriched by modern elements: nu- metal, opera, techno-electronic music and gothic-symphonic atmospheres. Although Turlli is known for his guitar playing, he plays keyboard's on this release

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Guitar virtuoso Luca Turilli, best known for his work as lead guitarist, co-composer and co-founder in film score metal band Rhapsody, has presented us with his new band: Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest. Not wishing this to be viewed just as a side project, Luca asserts that Dreamquest is an additional outlet for the abundance of overflowing musical ideas of this prolific composer. Fear not Rhapsody fans, Dreamquest, while an entirely separate band, will not interfere with Rhapsody’s progress. The debut album, Lost Horizons introduces a new style and technique to Luca’s already mighty repertoire, enriched by modern elements: new metal, opera, techno-electronic music and gothic-symphonic atmospheres.

Lost Horizons displays Luca’s previously unknown ability to call forth majestic tones from the keyboard. The unique sounds produced by Luca’s instrumentation bring forth musical landscapes and haunting melodies, invoking images of sirens and nymphs. Luca’s passion for the keyboard is clear. Before founding Rhapsody with keyboardist Alex Staropoli, Luca had studied piano. However, Rhapsody’s immediate success had encouraged Luca to focus his efforts on the guitar, an instrument that he had already mastered. Three years ago, Luca felt inspired to return to the keyboard, influenced by the melancholic melodies of great artists such as Chopin and Alexander Scriabin. Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest gives Luca the opportunity to unleash the pianist inside of him.

Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest is the fulfillment of a dream that Luca has had in mind for many years and he is looking forward to the opportunity to perform Dreamquest material in a live forum as soon as possible. The music on Lost Horizons combines powerful metal instrumentation with angelic, operatic, female vocals to create a sound that might best be described as 'Symphonic Electro-Metal'. The first single “Virus,” is a prime example of the majestic musical flavor that Dreamquest is made of, while the operatic “Sospiro Divino” showcases the boundless possibilities presented by this exciting new band. Although favorable comparisons to popular acts are inevitable, make no mistake: Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest is a fresh and unique experience.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Introspection 0:15
2 - Virus 4:17
3 - Dreamquest 4:19
4 - Black rose 3:46
5 - Lost horizons 4:20
6 - Sospiro divino 3:57
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