Legacy of evil

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LIMBONIC ART - Legacy of evil
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Le retour du grand maître du black metal symphonique !

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With a back catalogue of some of the great classics from the history of symphonic Black Metal, the long-awaited return of the masters of this genre is finally here after five long years! The band split following the release of ’The Ultimate Death Worship’ in 2002, an album thought impossible to follow. In the intervening years the members have been active in other projects (Morfeus in Dimension F3H, Daemon in Sarcoma Inc and contributing vocals on the debut Zyklon album) - but now the follow-up to ’The Ultimate Death Worship’ is finally upon us!
On 06.06.06 the two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to bring back the dark & powerful entity that is Limbonic Art. With their comeback album, ‘Legacy Of Evil,’ the band strike back with full force – more intense and malevolent than ever. This is a well-crafted Black Metal massacre, with heart and soul!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories 7:38
2 - A Void Of Lifeless Dreams 4:51
3 - Grace By Torments 5:20
4 - Infernal Phantom Kingdom 5:29
5 - Legacy of evil 5:36
6 - Lycanthropic Tales 6:44
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