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The rooms of the house

LA DISPUTE - The rooms of the house
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Progressive Rock/Metal, Punk/Hardcore

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description du produit

Rooms of the House was recorded and mixed by Will Yip at Studio 4 in Philadelphia, produced by Yip and La Dispute, and mastered at The Lodge by Emily Lazar. To write for the new release, La Dispute retreated to an isolated cabin in Michigan s upper peninsula with the hope that working together in a different environment would take them out of their comfort zone and enable them to create their strongest record yet. 'The area where we were was pretty remote so we could focus on playing and not much else', bassist Adam Vass explains. 'It was just the five of us working on writing every single day for a month and pretty much the entire album came out of those sessions.'

tracklist Durée
1 - Hudsonville, MI 1956 3:59
2 - First reactions after falling through the ice 2:37
3 - Woman (in mirror) 4:24
4 - Scenes from highways 1981 / 2009 3:49
5 - For mayor in splitsville 3:34
6 - 3 4:33
7 - Stay happy there 3:27
8 - The child we lost 1963 4:21
9 - Woman (reading) 3:30
10 - Extraordinary dinner party 3:18
11 - Objects in space 4:08
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