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In the wake of evolution

KAIPA - In the wake of evolution
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KAIPA is back with their 10th studio album ”In the wake of evolution”.

The band continues the time-honoured KAIPA tradition but as always they’re simultaneously looking for new challenges hiding by the roadside. The new album is an emotional and powerful blast straight into the future powered by fragile fragments from memory lane. KAIPA combine progressive rock epics with folk influences and melodic songwriting.

KAIPA was originally formed by Hans Lundin in 1973 and their debut album was released in 1975. The first version of KAIPA (1973-1982) recorded five albums and became the leading Scandinavian progressive rock band. In 2002 Hans reformed the band and invited original KAIPA guitar player Roine Stolt (THE FLOWER KINKS, TRANSATLANTIC) to participate in the recording of the come back album “Notes from the past” together with Morgan Ågren (ZAPPA), Jonas Reingold (THE FLOWER KINGS, KARMAKANIC), Patrik Lundström (RITUAL) and Aleena Gibson. This line-up recorded two more remarkable albums “Keyholder” 2003 and “Mindrevolutions” 2005.
“Angling feelings” 2007 was the first KAIPA album with new guitar player Per Nilsson. Kaipa’s mastermind and keyboard player Hans Lundin and Per are old friends and worked together recording the album “Hagen: Corridors of time” in the late 90’s. Per is nowadays mostly famous as the lead guitar player in Swedish metal band SCAR SYMMETRY.

Hans Lundin (vocals, keyboards)
Aleena Gibson (vocals)
Patrik Lundström (vocals)
Morgan Ågren (drums)
Jonas Reingold (bass)
Per Nilsson (guitars)
Fredrik Lindqvist (guest musician, recorders)
Elin Rubinsztein (guest musician, violin)

tracklist Durée
1 - In the wake of evolution 10:57
2 - In the heart of her own magic field 5:12
3 - Electric power water notes 17:50
4 - Folkia's first decision 2:32
5 - The words are like leaves 5:36
6 - Arcs of sound 8:21
7 - Smoke from a secret source 9:23
8 - The seven oceans of our mind 10:08
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