As our army grows

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INTENSE - As our army grows
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  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Les power metalleux anglais nous rappellent au bon souvenir de l'époque bénie d'ICED EARTH!

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U.K. natives INTENSE stand for stomping Power Metal in the vein of their American counterparts. Brutal double-bass attacks, heavy guitars, and powerful vocals, as well as excellent songwriting and cliché-free lyrics, distinguish the band from the norm. Anyone with a preference for solid, thrashy riffs, glorious melodies, and genuine Metal will not be disappointed. Be prepared for neck-breaking, head-banging ecstasy that brings back memories of Iced Earth's glory days. Bang your head!

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1 - Anger of the ancients
2 - Mirror shroud
3 - Our last hope
4 - You die today
5 - Insanity's call
6 - Temptress
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