Time warriors

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HORISONT - Time warriors
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  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70s, Hardrock
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HORISONT est de retour avec son troisième album. „Time Warrior“ est une leçon sans compromis de la façon dont le hard rock classique combiné au heavy metal classique devrait être fait.

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Formed in Gothenburg back in 2005, Horisont have paid their dues rocking and sweating it out in the underground clubs and bars of Europe ever since. Key slots at some of Europes larger rock festivals in 2012 led to more widespread recognition and standout reviews.
Time Warriors, their third full-length album, showcases just how far they have come in terms of precise musicianship, songwriting and dedication to the music they passionately believe in. Although their influences and basic inspirations may come from a genuine love of o- so-classic 70s rock and metal bands such as Priest, UFO, Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, Horisont are playing music with a feeling that is more relevant today than its ever been.

At the forefront of the Swedish hard rock explosion, Horisont's reputation is growing stronger and stronger, as they take to the road setting minds on fire with their incendiary live performances.

Hot on the heels of other Swedish success stories GRAVEYARD and GHOST, there are good things on the Horizon for these hellbent young rockers!


Liste des titres Durée
1 - Writing on the wall 3:50
2 - Diamonds in orbit 2:56
3 - Ain't no turning back 3:30
4 - Backstreet 3:13
5 - Vänd trillbaka 3:11
6 - She cried wolf 2:23
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