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Psychotic kingdom

HARASAI - Psychotic kingdom
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Death Metal

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Death Metal mélodiques avec des influences de IN FLAMES et DARK TRANQUILITY.


Lords Of Metal (NL):

About two and a half years ago these Germans knew quite to impress me with their debut album, 'The I-Conception'. The album was full of fine Swedish death/thrash in the famous Gothenburg-style, and though the record had little news to offer, the quintet convinced with their strong songwriting and instrumental skills.

On this second album the band more or less continuous where they left off on the debut, and the album opens strongly with 'Resist To Rebuild', whereby the Gothenburg sound is again fully present. Also the following 'The Liquid Everything' and 'Three Kings' are top-shelf modern thrashers. Although the songs don't offer any surprises, they so have the same characteristics and high qualities the band offered on the first record. Again the songs are filled with catchy riffs, beautiful melodies and strong vocals, and immediately grab you by the throat. The first surprise of the album comes with 'The Art Of The Sun'. This tracks starts off acoustic has a particularly dark flow over it with ditto clean vocals, which reminds me a bit of Opeth. Although the song builds up into sturdy mid-tempo regions, it doesn't lose its dark and melancholic cover. I admit that the first time I heard this song I felt my eyebrow raise a bit, but after several listens it began to strike me more and more how well the song fits to the whole.The melodic parts are more present on this album, and fortunately they do not bring down the power. On the contrary, because it is thanks to these pieces - which by the way are very well-composed and pleasant to hear -the more aggressive pieces rock even harder. On top of that, this is definitely a welcome variety, something that - in retrospect -the debut missed somewhat. Generally speaking, the album has turned out more varied than its predecessor, and we can safely put that the band has managed to find a better balance between aggression and melody. On 'Psychotic Kingdom' shows progress on all fronts, and guarantees a full fifty-minute sonic pleasure. Seeing that the music is a bit more complex and more varied, the album requires multiple listens in order to come into its own.

And finally, was it the legendary Dan Swanö that had provided the debut was with a powerful production, this time the choice has fallen on Sebastian Seeb Levermann (guitarist, vocalist and producer or compatriots Orden Ogan) who has also delivered an outstanding piece of work, and has provided the album with a powerful, clear and contemporary production. All in all, 'Psychotic Kingdom' is a very strong album that will surely apply to fans or modern, melodic (Swedish) death/ thrash. (80/100)

tracklist Durée
1 - Resist to rebuild 4:01
2 - The liquid everything 7:04
3 - Three kings 4:44
4 - The art of the sun 5:47
5 - Skywards we fly 2:44
6 - Heretic souls 5:14
7 - Psychotic kingdom 6:13
8 - Dying race domain 6:25
9 - In circles forever 5:10
10 - Reflections 3:17
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