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Plunging into darkness

FUELED BY FIRE - Plunging into darkness
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description du produit

Le deuxième album par les néo-thrashers américains.


After nearly a dozen personnel rotations, thrash metal outfit Fueled By Fire have fine-tuned their sound into an explosive act in the vein of '80s speed demons like Slayer, Overkill , Testament and more. This line up would include Carlos Gutierrez - Drums, Rick Rangel - Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar, Anthony Vasquez - Bass, Chris Monroy - Lead Guitar. The group started their humble beginnings in 2002, they immediately recorded their first demo and entitled "Life…Death…and FBF" in April 2004. Which was used to lock a gig at The Whiskey a GoGo. The band immediately gained momentum and built up a following playing shows throughout L.A. and surrounding areas, and playing alongside heavy metal legends such as Exodus, Possessed, Exumer, Heathen, Hallows Eve, Hirax, Agent Steel and many more...

As their fan base continued to grow, the demand for them to release more material also grew. In May 2006 they recorded their first full length album consisting of nine tracks entitled “Spread The Fire” which was a self-financed effort released in September 2006. The album gained worldwide acclaim and the attention of none other than Brian Slagel founder of Metal Blade Records, who contacted the band only one month after their album was released. They signed with Metal Blade Records in March of 2007 and “Spread The Fire” would be re-released in August 2007. Since the original release had already been distributed worldwide, it was decided that they would remix and master the album and add two bonus tracks and they were fortunate enough that Joey Vera of Armored Saint was the man for the job, only one month of their album being released with Metal Blade, the band would begin the search for another vocalist/guitarist, due to the departure of the vocalist/guitarist they had at the time. Rick would then assume the position of lead vocalist and they also recruited guitarist, Chris Monroy.

They soon began to tour with this current lineup, in December 2007 headlining a West Coast tour with Scarecrow as the supporting act, in addition to playing some gig’s in Mexico, they were soon invited to perform at the “Keep It True” festival in Germany that was followed by a European tour as the headliner in April 2008 and in July 2008 on a full U.S. tour as direct support to M.O.D.

In 2010, Fueled By Fire went on a European tour, alongside Violator, to promote their long awaited album "Plunging Into Darkness". The future is bright for Fueled By Fire as they continue to build on their fan base and continue to tour...

tracklist Durée
1 - The arrival 3:05
2 - Rising from beneath 4:08
3 - Within the abyss 5:08
4 - Unidentified remains 2:04
5 - Plunging into darkness 4:12
6 - Eye of the demon 3:59
7 - Intro 1:50
8 - Evoke the curse 4:26
9 - Amongst the dead 3:50
10 - Sickness of humanity 4:11
11 - Mass infestation 3:32
12 - Deadly restraints 4:00
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