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FINNTROLL - Nattfödd
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Black Metal, Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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Once compared to a battle between amphetamine fuelled mosquitoes and evil trolls at a Finnish midsummer night party, FINNTROLL combines Finnish Humppa folk music with the power of Metal. Let the Trollhammer swing!

Founded in March 1997 by Somnium (ex-Impaled Nazarene, ex-Barathrum, ex-Thy Serpent) and Katla, it only took a year for FINNTROLL to record their debut demo Rivfade. Recorded utilizing a drum machine, the band had no problems finding like-minded musicians to join the FINNTROLL horde, B. Dominator (Rapture, Shape of Despair) took over drums, Skrymer guitars, Trollhorn (Moonsorrow) keyboards and Tundra (Shape of Despair) the bass.

In 1999 Spikefarm Records released the debut album Midnattens Widunder, containing superb trollish Black Metal mixed with traditional Finnish "Humppa" (a variety of polka), and changing the Black and Folk Metal scene permanently. An even stronger and varied FINNTROLL was presented on its second album Jaktens Tid herein illustrating gargantuan steps forward both musically and in overall atmosphere, and won the album position 20 on the Finnish charts. Century Media Records, attracted by FINNTROLL’s success, licensed the album for the rest of the world. Soon FINNTROLL was playing across Europe, appearing at festivals like Wacken, Dynamo, With Full Force, Summer Breeze, Party San, Vienna Metal Fest and of course Tuska Fest in Helsinki. Everywhere they played they left a devoted and pleased party crowd behind.

Amidst all the success a black cloud of misadventure has plagued FINNTROLL. Founding member and vocalist Katla lost his voice due to a tumor on his vocal chords. A more permanent singer was found in vocalist Wilska, with whom they recorded the MCD Visor Om Slute. In March 2003, soon after the release of Visor Om Slute, FINNTROLL's other founding member Somnium died. Devastated by their loss, the band was on the verge of breaking up. Finally they decided to go on with long time side member Routa on guitar and returned from the depths of the Finnish forests with the Nattfödd album. The misfortune has not brought this band down; it has only made them stronger!

The new masterpiece Nattfödd (born in the night) was recorded November 2003 at Sundicoop Studio in Savonlinna, Finland, engineered and mixed by Tuomo Valtonen, and produced by Keyboardist Trollhorn himself. Mika Jussila in the holy halls of Helsinki’s Finnvox Studio mastered the album.

Just listen to the mighty hymns "Vindfärd / Människopesten", "Trollhammaren" or "Nattfödd" and you'll be addicted to their very unique sound. It's FINNTROLL time again.
Do not miss FINNTROLL’s full European tour April 2004.

Wilska: vocals
Skrymer: guitars
Routa: guitars
Tundra: bass
Beast Dominator: drums
Trollhorn: keyboards

Midnattens Widunder CD (1999)
Jaktens Tid CD (2001)
Visor Om Slutet MCD (2003)
Trollhammaren MCD (2004)
Nattfödd CD (2004)

19. April 04 Essen Zeche Carl
20. April 04 Münster/Breitenfeld Live Arena
21. April 04 Hamburg Marx
22. April 04 Berlin Halford
23. April 04 Glauchau Alte Spinnerei
01. May 04 Aalen Rock It

reportage de fan

„...beschwingt, locker, fröhlich, versoffen und trollisch...“ HAMMER

„Wenn ein Troll brüllt, heißt das Krieg, Tod und Vernichtung in feinster Black Metal-Manier“ LEGACY

„FINNTROLL verknüpfen Death- und Viking Metal mit finnisch-russischem Folk und versoffenem Humppa - und das gleichermaßen ernsthaft-kompetent wie auch locker-augenzwinkernd. Es gehört jede Menge songschreiberisches Gespür dazu, wenn man einerseits wertvolle Musik und andererseits pures, albernes Entertainment macht. Oder anders ausgedrückt: Vor lauter Respekt lache ich mich ins Koma!“ (Auszug aus der Review zu „Jaktens Tid“ im Rock Hard)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Vindfärd 5:36
2 - Människopesten 3:46
3 - Eliytres 3:47
4 - Fiskarens fiende 3:32
5 - Trollhammaren 4:51
6 - Nattfödd 2:02
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