Last night of solace

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ESSENCE - Last night of solace
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  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Danish thrash metal band ESSENCE have returned from the studio presenting you their brand new album "Last Night Of Solace". The winner of the Rock The Nation Award 2012 recorded their album at the infamous Abyss Studio with the legendary Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren. Hailed by many as the "Rick Rubin of Scandinavian Metal", Peter Tägtgren is well-known for his contributions to the extreme metal movement. His production credits include an extensive list of black and death metal outfits including Marduk, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth and Children Of Bodom, to name only a few.

ESSENCE members commented, "working with Peter was such an honor and we learned a lot from working with him. The way Peter feels and percepts music is just incredible and we see him as a modern genius when it comes to creating music and productions. He never does the same thing twice and that is really admirable in today’s music industry."

The band was originally formed back in 2005 by four 16-year-old aspiring musicians. The guys released their first EP "Art in Imperfection" and completed their debut album "Lost In Violence" in 2011. ESSENCE were touring Denmark as a co-headliner of MTV`s Headbangers Ball tour in 2012, supported acts like IN FLAMES, ENTOMBED, VADER, KRISIUN and played huge festivals like AALBORG METAL FESTIVAL, VAGOS OPEN AIR and many more. Their biggest strenght is their diversity, the ability to play in front of many different and all sorts of metal crowds. And to rule them all.

With „Last Night Of Solace“ ESSENCE made a major step forward, both sound- and songwriting wise. With every song the band deliver a very fierce mix between Destruction and Sodom. It´s a thrash metal bombshell par excellence! ESSENCE comment on the new album: "Last Night Of Solace is very different from our last album. We have matured in our songwriting, our abilities and our expression. It is difficult to describe the album with words, but ‘enormous’ covers a lot of what the listener will hear on the record. We needed to make this album the way it is today, because it is a statement and it will serve as a point of reference in the future. Also, we did what came naturally and ‘all by itself’ to us. There is nothing ‘forced’ on this album and it is just our clean personal energy captured on in 10 tracks. You can hear that the album is recorded in extreme sub-zero temperatures and in the middle of a frozen Swedish winter."

The booklet front cover (extended artwork) was designed by the well known Berlin-based artist and illustrator Eliran Kantor (Testament, Atheist etc.). The front cover pictures a glade deep inside the jungle wilderness of a tropical rainforrest. Far away from everything that is human we find the heart of nature - a clear, radiant gemstone. Attentive people can find a connection between the cover of the last ESSENCE album and the new one: "The dead tree guy on the cover is the skeleton guy on our first cover for "Lost in Violence", only many years later. That is why this cover should be seen as the "Lost in Violence" cover in the future. That is also what the reflection of skulls in the gemstone represents." The cover stays hidden as extended artwork beneath a slipcase with yet another different artwork; all this plus the exclusive bonus track make this release a top-notch package for metal fans.

"Last Night Of Solace" will be released on 29.03.13 via NoiseArt Records. The album will be available as a limited slipcase with bonus material. ESSENCE will perform live at Beastival (Germany) and Extremefest (Germany) and will embark on an extended European tour supporting HYPOCRISY and HATE at the end of March.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Intro 1:15
2 - Final Eclipse 6:00
3 - Arachnida 4:16
4 - For The Fallen 6:19
5 - Children Of Rwanda 4:53
6 - Gemstones 6:22
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