Time to die

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Visually intoxicating, uncompromisingly heavy and revered for making music and lifestyle one, Electric Wizard - formed by vocalist / guitarist Jus Oborn in 1993 - are responsible for some of the heaviest, dirtiest, most evil-sounding audio ever put to tape, with forthcoming album, 'Time to Die', continuing down that dark and crooked path. A cultural as well as a musical force, wreathed in occult ritual and drug-culture iconography, Electric Wizard have left an indelible mark on a host of different genres, the likes of doom, stoner and sludge; at heart, however, they stand as an iconic British metal band, cast in the great tradition, with lyrics and artwork reflecting the hypnotic weight of the music, and subject to the same intelligence and detail. Says Oborn: "With this new album, we wanted to return to basic values. It's primitive. We needed to claw it back down to the evil core - sex, drugs, violence, revolution…"

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Incense For The Damned 10:43
2 - Time To Die 7:50
3 - I Am Nothing 11:33
4 - Destroy Those Who Love God 3:15
5 - Funeral Of Your Mind 7:10
6 - We Love The Dead 9:05
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