War of attrition

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DYING FETUS - War of attrition
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    CD - 13,99 EUR
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One of the most infamous and influential death metal bands of the past 10 years, DYING FETUS pummel and pound their signature-style brutality into the worldwide landscape with the subtlety of full-fledged war. Descend into Depravity takes DYING FETUS to new sonic levels, and is easily the bands finest hour.
(Quelle/Origin: DYING FETUS Facebook)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Your treachery will die with you 3:34
2 - Shepherd's commandment 4:28
3 - Hopeless in surrection 4:32
4 - Conceived into enslavement 4:24
5 - Atrocious by nature 3:52
6 - Descend into depravity 5:02
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