Arcane rain fell

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DRACONIAN - Arcane rain fell
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  • CD - 14,50 EUR
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  • Genre:Gothic
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Un album pour les froides journées hivernales, pendant lesquelles on se prend le temps d'apprécier la solitude.

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Sweden's DRACONIAN return with their second release, "Arcane Rain Fell". Not unlike "Where Lovers Mourn", it too presents a world of desperation, pain, beauty, and solitude. This is Gothic/Doom Metal: gentle and pleasing, bitter sweet and cutting, and very recognizable through the perfect vocal interaction of Lisa Johansson and Anders Jacobsson. Acoustic lines and driving guitar riffs, as well as changes in tempo and symphonic elements work together to create a dark world full of melancholy. Atmospheric keyboard lines and heavy riffs give way to the increased emotion espousing from frontman Anders—from calm harmony to excruatiating pain—while Lisa's gentle vocals work to bring back the sombre romanticism. The perfect release for those cold winter days, in which one wishes to discover solitude in its most beautiful form.

Anders Jacobsson - vocals
Lisa Johansson - vocals
Johan Ericson - lead and rhythm guitars
Magnus Bergström - lead and rhythm guitars
Jesper Stolpe - bass guitar
Andreas Karlsson - synthesizer and programming
Jerry Torstensson – drums

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1 - Scenery Of Loss
2 - Daylight Misery
3 - The Apostasy Canticle
4 - Expostulation
5 - Heaven Laid In Tears (Angels'Lament)
6 - The Abhorrent Rays
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