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DESTRUCTION - Day of reckoning LTD.
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DESTRUCTION sont de retour avec leur trademark thrash metal oldschool

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DESTRUCTION are back… back on Nuclear Blast and back with a vengeance!

“We wanted this record to sound pure and fresh!” says mainman Schmier “The direction was clear from the start, fast-picking dominating thrash riffs combined with in-your-face songs and vocals!”

The south German legends have been synonymous with high energy thrash for almost 30 years now, never veering from their pure ethos, never backing down. Now, returning to Nuclear Blast (the phenomenal comeback album “All Hell Breaks Loose”, “The Antichrist” and “Metal Discharge” having already been released here) iconic metal frontman Schmier and the boys are back with another thrash metal gem. “Day Of Reckoning” shows the band at its most fierce, brutal and thrashy side. With pounding and high speed classy tracks as the opener, “The Price”, or the new thrash anthem “Hate Is My Fuel” DESTRUCTION pay tribute to their roots and easily revive that old school speed/thrash feeling a lot of records are missing these days.

Commented Schmier: “If you think DESTRUCTION is an old band, this album will prove you wrong! The speed & energy combined with a basic, fresh and aggressive production, will make this record an outstanding classic of our long discography - you don't believe me? Buckle up and have a listen then!"

Still consisting of the core line-up of Schmier and Mike, DESTRUCTION hired a new relentless machine-like drummer; With Vaaver (ex-UNSUN) by their side, the Trio kicks more ass than ever. The band also invited some guest musicians to take part in “Day Of Reckoning”.

"Ol Drake from EVILE did such a fantastic job when he jumped in for Mike last year (the guitarist broke two fingers of his left hand) that we had to invite him to jam some leads on the record. If we would ever consider working with a second guitarist again it has to be him!" Schmier states.

Perfectly and powerfully recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON, NEAERA, COMMUNIC…) “Day Of Reckoning” marks another highlight of the long running successful career of the legend that is DESTRUCTION.

Aside from ripping apart your stereo, DESTRUCTION will also devastate on stage in March 2011 together with label mates OVERKILL! Keep your eyes peeled!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Price 3:39
2 - Hate Is My Fuel 4:24
3 - Armageddonizer 4:09
4 - Devil's Advocate 4:18
5 - Day Of Reckoning 3:58
6 - Sorcerer Of Black Magic 4:25
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