The ills of modern man

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DESPISED ICON - The ills of modern man
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Death metal morderne et brutal aux consonnances hardcore. Un modèle du genre pour cet art sonore agressif qui arrache la tête de ses fans à force de la secouer!...

Du BLAST! magazine:

After catching people’s attention with 2005’s acclaimed, “The Healing Process”, the Montreal-based death/metalcore six-piece DESPISED ICON have upped the ante with a savage and uncompromising yet dynamic new effort that is sure to resonate throughout the genre for years to come. Each track on “The Ills Of Modern Man” pummels the listener with sheer aggressiveness
backed with impeccable time changes, scathing blast beats and devastating breakdown assaults. These Canadians walk a fine line between the death metal and grindcore genres, resulting in an exciting juxtaposition that will leave all fans of extreme music begging for more. DESPISED ICON was formed in 2002 by members of Neuraxis, In Dying Days and Heaven’s Cry. The group’s first album,
“Consumed By Your Poison”, was released in 2002 and quickly sent shockwaves throughout the underground metal community. In 2005, they signed to Century Media Records and released “The Healing Process”, which garnered massive acclaim. They would tour throughout the year alongside death metal’s elite such as Deicide, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Aborted and Vader. DESPISED ICON kicked off 2006 by touring alongside Through The Eyes Of The Dead and Ed Gein, further proving that their
unrelenting stage presence could win over any crowd. This undying work ethic quickly helped them develop a rabid and loyal underground following, and the buzz immediately carried over to promoters across the country, helping the band land even higher profile tours alongside such esteemed acts as Hatebreed, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel. In early 2007, DESPISED ICON recorded their highly anticipated sophomore Century Media release “The Ills Of Modern Man” with acclaimed producer/former guitarist Yannick St-Amand (Beneath The Massacre, Ion Dissonance, Neuraxis) and mixed by the renowned Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth). The group was clearly determined to deliver an album that will leave people astonished, as they further establish their position as one of the genre’s most devastating new acts. They kicked off the touring cycle with a European tour alongside Unearth and Job For A Cowboy and expect to see them as permanent guests on European stages.

tracklist Durée
1 - In the arms of perdition 4:24
2 - Furtive monologue 3:22
3 - Quarantine 4:07
4 - The ills of modern man 3:50
5 - A fractured hand 4:35
6 - Sheltered reminiscence 3:12
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