Death's striking wings

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DEGIAL - Death's striking wings
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    CD - 13,99 EUR
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"... I'm sure this album will be called a classic very soon. DEGIAL
delivers a very vicious, furious and wild raging form of Death Metal which reminds me of very early MORBID ANGEL. These Swedish fiends are able to create the same intensity and violent attitude MORBID ANGEL used to have aeons ago...For example, the title track is one of the best Death Metal songs EVER!...”

TERRORIZER UK, 4/5 Punkten:
"A more considered and macabre entity than the previous
incarnation...a wholly darker and malign side to ancient death
(Guy Strachan)

tracklist Durée
1 - Eye of burial tempest 3:54
2 - Serpent's tide 3:33
3 - Swarming 3:40
4 - Chaos chant 4:02
5 - Death's striking wings 7:35
6 - Temple in whirling darkness 4:20
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