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Rise-then rest

CRISIX - Rise-then rest
13,99 EUR

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Thrash Metal

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  • CD - 13,99 EUR
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description du produit

The Spanish thrash metal act produced the album together with Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL).


"A great Thrash Metal storm in a 'old-school' way with a killer sound that will blow your skull away!" Gerre, TANKARD

"Wow! Killer stuff, they bring me back when I was 16 and discovered thrash metal, old skool no doubt" Maurice, LEGION OF THE DAMNED

"The thrash metal armada from Spain, is raising like a bull against the red flag! The quintet from hell, delivers hyper speed, mind blowing and aggressive music in their new album. All i can say is, THRASH is back with full power and Crisix are the living proof of it!" Nick, SUICIDAL ANGELS

tracklist Durée
1 - I.Y.F.F. 4:04
2 - Rise... then rest 4:17
3 - Bring 'em to the pit 3:06
4 - Those voices shall remain 3:52
5 - One by one 3:55
6 - Frieza the tyrant 5:31
7 - Seven 4:05
8 - Army of darkness 3:42
9 - Volcano face 4:35
10 - Scars of the wolf 3:37
11 - Waldi gang 4:43
12 - Ace of spades 2:27
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