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Introduced to main-stream audiences via their early 2004 Candlelight debut, The Work Which Transforms God, and 2005 re-issue of their previous underground catalogue, Memoria Vestusta and Ultima Thulee albums,
“Blut Aus Nord pushes the definition of music; disfigured, anti-social, pure, raw black metal... Eccentric.” (Brave Words Bloody Knuckles)
“Grim, forward-thinking [...] probably one of the most amazing black metal albums of the last several years.” (Ultimate Metal)
Serving as the musical equivalent of Mayhem sodomizing Neurosis with a Godflesh joystick, Blut Aus Nord redefines music as any extreme music fan (metal or otherwise) knows it. Their macabre creations throw ardent fists in the face of mainstream and mediocrity, resulting in a nightmarish voyage of sonic disharmony. England’s SonicDeath says it best when noting, “listening to Blut Aus Nord is like watching your own funeral in slow motion... a great sucking veil of endless, foreboding darkness.”

Liste des titres Durée
1 - An element of flesh 1:29
2 - The Sounds Of The Universe 5:30
3 - Odinist 5:26
4 - A Few Shred Of Thoughts 5:02
5 - Ellipsis 4:51
6 - Mystic absolu 3:07
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