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ARKONA - Lepta
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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Arkona was formed in 2002 by Masha Scream (vocals) Early 2003 the Arkona line up was completed with members from bands as Butterfly Temple, Nargathrond and Rossomahaar (Sergey Lazar on guitar, Ruslan Kniaz on bass and Vlad, drums). Arkona’s second album ‘Lepta’ was recorded in the end of 2004. So far only released in Russia. Vic Records will release the entire Arkona back catalogue. Containing the debut ‘Vosrozdenie’, the second album ‘Lepta, third album ‘Vo Slavu Velikim’ (For The Glory of the Great Ones) and the ‘Live At Club Relax’ live album (which will be released as a double CD with as second disk the album of Nargathrond, an all Arkona members gothic metal side project).

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Sotkani Veka (Centuries Are Woven) 4:14
2 - Lepta A O Gneve (A Tale About Anger) 5:25
3 - Ghiornie Debri Voini (A Black Abyss Of War) 4:27
4 - Zarnitsi Nashei Svobodi (Summer Lightnings Of Our Freedom) 5:39
5 - Vivdu Ia Na Volushku (There I Will Be In An Open Space) 3:36
6 - Vion Pravdi (Fighter Of The Truth) 5:45
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