Fragile immortality

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THE UNGUIDED - Fragile immortality
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Le futur du death mélodique!

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THE UNGUIDED - the new band featuring founding brothers Richard & Roger Sjunnesson and former members of Sonic Syndicate - release a highly dynamic and electrifying Melodic Death Metal album. "Fragile Immortality" features highly infectious melodies combined with metallic heaviness and turns songs like "Blodbad" or "Inception" into hymns of a new generation. The centerpiece is undoubtedly the vocal duo Roland Johansson & Richard Sjunnesson, who also branded the trademark sound of SONIC SYNDICATE. The new songs were mixed and mastered at the legendary "Studio Fredman" by Fredrik Nordström & Henric Udd. "Fragile Immortality" breathes new life into the Melodic Death Metal genre and furthermore sets the band’s course to become one of the big players in the music world.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Inception 3:50
2 - Defector DCXVI 4:02
3 - Granted 5:13
4 - Eye Of The Thylacine 4:27
5 - Unguided Entity 4:12
6 - Carnal Genesis 4:35
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