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Wild card

REVAMP - Wild card
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Progressive Rock/Metal, Symphonic Metal

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REVAMP offrent des hymnes du metal symphonique unique! Le digipak limité inclut une chanson en bonus!


Currently, things couldn’t be better for Floor Jansen: Since NIGHTWISH parted ways with Anette Olzon in October 2012, the Dutch power woman has been touring the world with the Finnish symphonic metallers, if only as a stand-in singer to date – and now she’s at the ready with the furious sophomore release of her own band REVAMP!

Founded by Floor in 2009 after the disbandment of symphonic metal combo AFTER FOREVER, in whose service she had delivered peak performances as a front woman for more than a decade, REVAMP revealed their self-titled debut to the metal world in 2010 – a highly explosive blend of bombast, complexity, energy and catchiness that impressed with a never before heard multifacetedness in Floor’s voice. Enchanted press reactions and an amazing rank 41 in the Dutch album charts sealed what all fans had been praying for: REVAMP weren’t a passing fad – another album would follow!

On August 23, three years of agonizing waiting time for record number two will finally come to an end – that haven’t only demanded a great deal of REVAMP’s fans, as Floor admits: “Never before in my career I faced a situation like the one we were in with this album. It was a huge challenge because of several reasons. My sickness caused a major break between the first album and tours plus the writing of the first ideas for the second album and the actual finalization of those songs and the album. And right at the moment we started to pick everything back up after I was sick, I joined Nightwish.” Though being a joyful occasion, it demanded a totally new approach towards the album recordings: “Guided by Joost van den Broek, who had been responsible for the songs of our debut, my talented fellow musicians recorded all the instruments, so that when I came back to The Netherlands, I stepped into the studio to find a rough diamond. A shiny dark crystal: ready for my vocals. That was magical! The singing went smoother than ever before.“

The result – that, after the departure of Jaap Melman, features new bassist Henk Vonk for the first time – was baptized »Wild Card« and lives up to its name in every single second! Regarding this, Floor explains: “This album became the most aggressive album I’ve ever made and in the lyrics I tell a lot about my personal experiences of the last years. This resulted into some heavy stories and some openhearted ‘screams’ I needed out of my system. It matches the violence of the music in a great way, we wrote as a great team! But not one sentence or word can really cover the contents of this album. Its variety in all its ingredients makes it almost impossible. A wild card is an unpredictable and unforeseeable factor. You don’t know what you’re getting, or when. That’s this album! It’s 100% ReVamp and it’s your wild card!”

Brace yourselves for one hell of a ride – ‘cause REVAMP have more than one ace in the hole!

tracklist Durée
1 - The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown': On The Sideline 3:45
2 - The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown': The Limbic System 4:54
3 - Wild Card 4:21
4 - Precibus 4:24
5 - Nothing 3:53
6 - The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown': Neurasthenia 5:06
7 - Distorted Lullabies 4:58
8 - Amendatory 4:47
9 - I Can Become 3:48
10 - Misery's No Crime 4:03
11 - Wolf And Dog 5:01
12 - Sins 4:07
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