Journey to the end of the night

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GREEN CARNATION - Journey to the end of the night
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  • Genre:Rock/Alternative
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Picking up experience and elements of creativity through bands like Emperor, Tristania, Satyricon, Einherjer, Carpathian Forest, In The Woods..., Scariot and In Mist, the band composed their 72 minute long debut album in 1999, taking influence from Death, Black, Doom and Heavy Metal and combining it with their own style.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Falling into darkness 2:34
2 - In the realm of the midnight sun 13:43
3 - My dark reflections of life and death 17:50
4 - Under eternal stars 15:31
5 - Journey to the end of night [Part I] 11:29
6 - Echoes of despair [part II] 2:30
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