The bleeding

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CANNIBAL CORPSE - The bleeding
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La nouvelle version sanglante est remixée en digipack avec des artworks travaillés, inclus un titre bonus et un clip vidéo !

Plus d'info:

CANNIBAL CORPSE are back, and stronger than ever before! Impressive proof is the current studio album “Kill” and the successful No Mercy Festival Tour. The Florida institution even entered the German album charts at a sensational 59th place, and their shows were well-attended to sold out everywhere. Reason enough to re-issue the band’s masterwork “The Bleeding”, which was originally released in a “mutilated” version, and which is the best-selling CANNIBAL CORPSE album of all time, according to Soundscan.
Finally, on June 2nd, this milestone of death metal history will shine with its true light. With new artwork, remastered, and with added bonus material, the last album Chris Barnes (now in SIX FEET UNDER) recorded with CANNIBAL CORPSE finally gets the treatment it always deserved. Next to the original songs there’s the video to “Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead” and the POSSESSED cover “The Exorcist” (only available on the censored “Hammer Smashed Face” up until now). No doubt about it: This is a real MUST HAVE for every true CANNIBAL fan!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Staring through the eyes of the dead
2 - Fucked with a knife
3 - Stripped, raped and strangled
4 - Pulverized
5 - Return to flesh
6 - The pick-axe murders
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