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Du BLAST! magazine:

UK-based metallers TesseracT unleash their debut full length One on March 21st 2011. The record will mark the realization of a bold, experimental creative vision that began in 2003 as a solo writing project in the mind of guitarist Acle Kahney (formerly of Fell Silent), and has subsequently spawned one of the most hotly tipped metal bands in the UK.

Tech-heads will often focus on the quintet’s time signatures and musical complexity, but TesseracT is far from an exclusionary exercise in tech metal pomposity. They fully embrace their experimental, prog sensibility without excessive indulgence or pretentiousness, delivering atmospheric, metallic songs that stir strong emotions and evoke powerful mental images. All of which, they argue, are at the core surprisingly simple:

“The concept is to have music that just has a pulse, a heartbeat; you don’t count your pulse and split it into sections of four or five; it’s just there beneath you, not forcing you to work in a box four heart beats long. Honestly, most of the time we haven’t a clue what time signature or key we are in and to be honest we don’t really care all that much. We ain’t smart enough to deal with that! Knowing those things would only get in the way of the vibe, which is paramount.”
“We only ever wish to create music with subtle power and emotion, to avoid genre-specific clichés and tired old tricks. We want to aim for the same place that our musical heroes are at, people like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Faith No More, Meshuggah, Jeff Buckley, Textures and Sigur Rós. To create an ALBUM, not a collection of songs that fit the mould of three singles and seven fillers but an actual old school album that you want to take 50 or 60 minutes out of your life with to sit down and escape with.”

Since the formation of the band’s five-piece line-up in spring 2007, TesseracT picked up richly deserved props from peers (Textures, Meshuggah) and press alike (Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Scuzz). Following the release of their 2007 demo, TesseracT continued to cultivate a growing international fanbase through well received UK and European tour dates and internet word of mouth. Their reputation of delivering jaw-dropping live performances was furthered fuelled through appearances at Bloodstock, Hammerfest, Caos Emergente in Portugal and the Hellfire 2 festival at the Birmingham NEC arena. They were also invited to play Russia and India, both amazing feats for an unsigned band. All this helped garner interest from record labels across the globe and after a one year courtship, the band signed to Century Media Records worldwide in the Fall of 2010.

Shortly after the signing the band was confirmed for Devin Townsend’s North American tour. They released the limited edition EP, Concealing Fate to coincide with the run and saw their already impressive worldwide fanbase expand even further. The EP was released in Europe as Digital Download. As soon as the tour finished, the band headed back in the studio, this time filming and recording the Concealing Fate opus to be included as a bonus dvd in the packaging of One.

As the release date approaches, the band finds themselves touring their homeland with friends and contemporaries, Periphery, as part of the League of Extraordinary Djentlemen tour. Then starting on the album’s street date, the band will find themselves back in North America touring with the Canadian progressive posthardcore band, Protest The Hero. With the touring and all the hype, it would be easy to just pass off TesseracT’s success as just a result of the machine at work, but make no doubts, 2011 will be the year of the TesseracT solely because of that bold, creative vision that developed and progressed by these 5 lads that produced one of the finest albums in recent history.

CD 1
tracklist Durée
1 - Lament 4:53
2 - Nascent 4:09
3 - Concealing fate [Part One: Acceptance] 8:33
4 - Concealing fate [Part Two: Deception] 5:22
5 - Concealing fate [Part Three: The Impossible] 4:50
6 - Concealing fate [Part Four: Perfection] 2:38
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CD 2
tracklist Durée
1 - Concealing fate [Part One: Acceptance]
2 - Enter the sphere
3 - Gear reviews
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