The history of heresy - Part I

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POWERWOLF - The history of heresy - Part I
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"MMIV - MMVIII": les deux premiers albums "Return in bloodred" et "Lupus dei" avec pistes bonus en digisleeve luxueux, DVD "The Wacken worship", livre relié avec couverture rigide de 104 pages reprenant des liner notes, des tonnes d'illustrations inédites

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POWERWOLF are the shooting stars of the German music scene! After their unexpected sensational chart entry on top position of the German Media Control Charts, there’s new food for the steadily growing set of fans.

POWERWOLF comments: "Feels great to feature our early works in the form of such a great boxset. Working on the book "The history of heresy" brought back so many great memories - and more than ever taught us to be grateful. Grateful for having such wonderful fans and such great supporters, without whom none of this would have happened. Still hard to believe we're arround since 10 years now already, but releasing such a great package box is probably the best way to celebrate such an anniversary. Hope you all enjoy reading the book, while listening to the roots of Powerwolf - and we hope to see you all at Out and Loud Festival (www.outandloud.eu) on May 29th, where we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary with a very special headliner show!"

Celebrating their 10th anniversary the first part of the band history will be released 26th May 2014. incl. some killer unreleased songs and live footage! Besides POWERWOLFs first two studio albums “Lupus Dei” and “Return In Bloodred”, the boxset contains the rare “The Wacken Worship” DVD and eight so far unreleased bonus tracks plus more!

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Mr. Sinister 4:39
2 - We Came To Take Your Souls 4:00
3 - Kiss Of The Cobra King 4:32
4 - Black mass hysteria 4:12
5 - Demons & diamonds 3:38
6 - Montecore 5:18
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Lupus Demonae (Intro) 1:17
2 - We Take It From The Living 4:03
3 - Prayer In The Dark 4:20
4 - Saturday Satan 5:18
5 - In Blood We Trust 3:03
6 - Behind The Leathermask 4:35
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Disc 3
Liste des titres Durée
1 - We Take It From The Living
2 - Prayer In The Dark
3 - We Came To Take Your Souls
4 - Saturday Satan
5 - In Blood We Trust
6 - Mr. Sinister
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