From the vault… Tortured and broken

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HERETIC - From the vault… Tortured and broken
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Trouver plus de HERETIC

Le coffret contient l'album "Breaking Point", l'EP "Torture Knows No Boundary", de nombreux titre bonus, et un DVD bonus de 2 lives de 1995 et 1986.

Plus d'info:

HERETIC was founded in 1985 and signed a deal with Metal Blade Records shortly after. First appearance was on legendary Metal Massacre VII compilation. The EP Torture Knows No Boundary was released the same year. Their first and only album followed in 1988, Breaking Point. The band split up the same year and found back together in 2011.
In July 2013 the band’s From The Vault... Tortured And Broken Box Set will be released and will contain of the HERETIC classic Breaking Point with later METAL CHURCH singer Mike Howe on vocals. The album has been remastered and comes with 4 bonus tracks. Now here is also the chance to listen to the very first official recordings of the band, famous Torture Knows No Boundary EP (aka Don’t Turn Your Back) with current vocalist Julian Mendez, including nine bonus tracks, all of them also remastered.
The DVD comes with two live shows from 1985 and 1986 as well as a video clip and a very entertaining interview / commentary part by the band themselves.

Band (current members):
Brian Korban – guitar (1985–1988, 2011–present)
Julian Mendez – vocals (1986, 2011–present)
Glenn Rogers – guitar (2011–present)
Ignazio Coppola – drums (2012–present)
Angelo Espino – bass (2012–present)

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Heretic 3:32
2 - And kingdoms fall 4:51
3 - The circle 5:14
4 - Enemy within 3:18
5 - Time runs short 6:33
6 - Pale shelter (Instrumental) 3:39
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Riding with the angels 3:35
2 - Blood will tell 3:32
3 - Portrait of faith 4:14
4 - Whitechapel 5:17
5 - Torture knows no boundary (Instrumental) 2:34
6 - Impulse (Bonus track from "Metal Massacre VII") 4:16
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Disc 3
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Heretic @ Country Club 26/12/85
2 - Heretic @ Jezebels 1986 (Supporting Megadeath)
3 - Heretic & Will Howe (KNAC) - Viewing & commenting both shows
4 - Let 'em bleed (Taken from "Crash & burn" video)
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