The road of bones

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IQ - The road of bones
  • 2CD-Digi - 20,99 EUR
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  • Format:2CD-Digi
  • Genre:Progressive Rock/Metal
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The tenth studio album by British progressive rock mainstay IQ shows them at their best, and with a definite edge. Is it possible that a band, like a good wine, can continue to improve with age? Can you possibly top legendary albums such as "The Wake", "Subterranea" or "Frequency"? After just one listen to IQ´s tenth studio album the answer is a resounding Yes! Without doubt "The Road Of Bones" is a unique masterpiece, fitting perfectly into the band's impressive body of work whilst adding a new perspective. IQ's secret has always been to evolve their style while maintaining the essence of the band's own unique brand of progressive rock: strong guitars embedded in lush keyboard melodies, a pounding yet still jazz-influenced rhythm section and the distinctive vocals and unmistakable lyrics of frontman Peter Nicholls. On "The Road of Bones" you'll find all this and more. "The Road of Bones" is available as a single CD and a special edition 2 disc package containing over 40 minutes of extra, brand new music produced during the writing sessions.

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - From the outside in 7:24
2 - The road of bones 8:32
3 - Without walls 19:15
4 - Ocean 5:55
5 - Until the end 12:00
Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Knucklehead 8:10
2 - 1312 overture 4:17
3 - Constellations 12:24
4 - Fall and rise 7:10
5 - Ten million demons 6:10
6 - Hardcore 10:52
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