You only live twice

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PAIN - You only live twice
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  • Genre:Industrial Metal
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L`édition limitée de "You Only Live Twice" inclus deux digipaks dans un slipcase et neuf bonustracks

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“Music is everything to me. I’ve been through two divorces and a whole world of shit because of music but still it is the most important thing in the world to me. I’d rather have music than anything else.”

So speaks Peter Tägtgren, musician, producer and creative brain behind PAIN, Sweden's finest industrial metal export. His has been a life immersed in music, in pushing boundaries, and taking ideas to both their logical and illogical extremes. It’s been a career that has involved fronting bands – notably iconic death metal veterans HYPOCRISY, and now PAIN – or shaping their sounds – as he has done with CELTIC FROST, CHILDREN OF BODOM, DIMMU BORGIR and IMMORTAL amongst others. It’s a calling that has made him one of Europe's most respected musicians and producers.

After a long running tour cycle for the last successful PAIN album “Cynic Paradise”, Tägtgren jumped back to HYPOCRISY, released another album and got back on the road immediately. Now with the eighth album coming, PAIN is set to take the world by storm – again! Even if the sound of course remains in the known schemes, “You Only Live Twice” by far is the heaviest and most aggressive effort of the bands history – the death metal roots of the groups mainman can definitely be heard. But PAIN would not be PAIN if the there were no catchy, anthemic songs as well – like the first smash hit single “Dirty Woman” which deals with that kind of ruthless women average Joe does not want to meet (see quote above).

Be it catchy, be it brutal - play it loud and dig into the darkest, heaviest and most aggressive side of PAIN! Also expect one hell of a show on the upcoming extensive PAIN headlining run in summer/fall 2011!

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Let Me Out 4:35
2 - Feed The Demons 3:54
3 - The Great Pretender 4:05
4 - You Only Live Twice 4:04
5 - Dirty Woman 4:18
6 - We Want More 4:46
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Crawling Thru Bitterness (Unreleased 2011) 3:58
2 - The Great Pretender (Remix) 3:51
3 - Dirty Woman (Mc Raaka Pee Remix) 3:45
4 - You Only Live Twice (Rectifier Remix) 2:52
5 - Leave Me Alone (Rectifier Remix) 3:36
6 - Eleanor Rigby (Live Sundown Ger. 2008) 4:25
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