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Disponible exclusivement via le NUCLEAR BLAST Mailorder! 2CD-digi avec artwork imprimé sur toile (60x30cm). Sur les 20 titres de "Tief. Tiefer", Die Apokalyptischen Reiter se dépasse et livre un chef-d'oeuvre coloré et créatif. Quand la passion rencontre l'innovation, le génie et la folie.

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To the ground
In 2014 DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER are going to extremes with what they have most impressively proven with their previous eight full-lengths: Creating symbioses that will not only wipe out but tear down musical boundaries. »Tief.Tiefer.« ("Deep. Deeper." in English) is offering and demanding everything. Its pushing both the Indie-Shoe-Gazer, the metal addict and the laser-flashed electro fan. It anoints the free spirit, heals the wailing. And it will make you shine. Cause it's flawless.
„If there ever has been a genre we have been part of, we have definitively overcome its boundaries.” The Band, that will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, points out. “Standing still, stagnation and rules bore us. Everything is moving. The world. Life. Thoughts.“
To record the successor of »Moral & Wahnsinn« (2011) the band gave itself more than 1000 days. It wouldn’t be long till it came clear that the variety of ideas were not to be put on a usual record. “It was pure magic. Unbelievable and almost unreal. Though we’ve been making music together for so long, we still manage to amaze and surprise ourselves. Our wealth is joy.”

20 songs. More than 75 minutes.
Where the band would be kissed by the muses, in this case did matter to them.
„This time we have been composing far from home. We went to Ural mountains in Russia and the Florida Keys, hiked through The Giant Mountains, found solitude at Uckermark, the most sparsely populated area in Germany . And our rehearsal room was built out of a houseboat.”
The creative process peaked during the weeklong intense studio live session. „Nothing was safe from us. Not even our own songs. We’ve learnt to seize the magic of a moment, just as well as the persistent transformation of a fleeting thought in a great song”
»Tief.Tiefer.« is demanding. Identical twins. Only seemingly equal. Fundamentally different. Not convenient and easy. But exciting and new.

Liste des titres
01. Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit
02. Wir
03. Wo Es Dich Gibt
04. Was Bleibt Bin Ich
05. Ein Leichtes Mädchen
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