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180g vinyl (brown and red) in gatefold, special vinyl mastering

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In early 2010 versatile musician Mark Jansen (EPICA) started a project together with keyboardist Jack Driessen and guitarist Sander Gommans (both ex-AFTER FOREVER) to produce some heavy and technical death-metal combined with Jack's trademark symphonic arrangements. After writing some music together, Sander couldn't find the time to go for it anymore. Mark then asked guitarist Frank Schiphorst (SYMMETRY, MARCEL COENEN & FRIENDS, CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY), if he was interested in filling the gap. And he was.
When Mark, Jack and Frank got together, great chemistry emerged. Songs started popping out in no time, combining neck-wrecking technical death-metal riffing with huge melodic symphonic parts on thunderous drums topped by Mark's complex and thought-provoking lyrics through his brutal in-your-face grunts and screams. As the project evolved beyond expectations, the three members decided to turn it into a band and really go for it. Ariën van Weesenbeek (EPICA, ex-GOD DETHRONED), Isaac Delahaye (EPICA, ex-GOD DETHRONED) and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (PESTILENCE, OBSCURA) completed the line-up. A new metal-machine was born; MaYaN.
As the music asked for more, brainstorming on vocalists for clean parts was done and resulted in a collaboration with the guests; Floor Jansen (REVAMP, ex-AFTER FOREVER), Simone Simons (EPICA), Henning Basse (SONS OF SEASONS) and the revelation and one of the biggest Italian Opera talents; Laura Macrì.
Demos were sent to Nuclear Blast, the first and best record label that came up for releasing the music. After listening to the demos their enthusiasm lead to a record-deal. Again a great step to success. MaYaN hired the Gate Studios with renowned producer Sascha Paeth to record their first album called Quarterpast, to be released in May 2011.
After the recordings, bassist Jeroen's very busy schedule didn't allow him to join for the planned live shows. He was replaced by Rob van der Loo (ex-SUN CAGED, ex-DELAIN).
Now MaYaN is in its ultimate form, the band is ready to hit the stages and will present its debut-album Quarterpast on the 19th of May 2011 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Symphony of aggression
2 - Mainstay of society: In the eyes of the law corruption
3 - Quarterpast
4 - Course of life
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The savage massacre: In the eyes of the law pizzo
2 - Essenza di te
3 - Bite the bullet
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Drown the demon
2 - Celibate aphrodite
3 - War on terror (In the eyes of the law pentagon papers)
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Tithe
2 - Sinner's last retreat: Deed of awakening
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