Rock Science MOTÖRHEAD Edition (engl.)

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Rock Science MOTÖRHEAD Edition (engl.) - Board Game
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Le jeu Rock Science MOTÖRHEAD comprend 1600 questions sur toute la carrière du groupe, des débuts de Lemmy jusqu’à la légende qu’est MOTÖRHEAD aujoud’hui. Trois niveaux de difficultés pour que néophytes et fans les plus hardcore puissent s’amuser ensemble. Version anglaise.

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The riffin’, the loudness, the drinks, the girls, the songs, the lyrics, the fights, the fuck-ups and the wins, plus much, much more…

The Rock Science MOTÖRHEAD Game includes 1,600 questions
that will take you from Lemmy’s first steps into the Rock 'n' Roll
business through the awakening of the monster that MOTÖRHEAD is today.

The Rock Science research team consists of true MOTÖRHEAD fans who’ve had one goal only: to make the most authentic MOTÖRHEAD game ever!

“About f***ing time” – Phil Campbell

Round up your friends and play the loudest trivia game in the world. Three levels of difficulty and tense betting means that the novice can give the hardcore fan a fair fight.

Did you know that Lemmy was a roadie for Jimi Hendrix,
saw The Beatles at The Cavern Club and got into rock
when seeing Cliff Richard, surronded by girls, on television?
Do you know how he established the awesome and long lasting trinity with Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee?

“I’ve had a fun life for sure. Playing this will help me remember it!” – Lemmy

If you are a Motörhead fanatic, you are entitled to this crushing game. Born to Lose, Live to Win!

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