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Trouver plus de FREEDOM CALL

Those fans turned off by the light hearted, hard rock direction on half of “Land of the Crimson Dawn” will be pleased at the re-addition of bassist/writer Ilker Ersin and a return to the happy, but heavier, power metal of Freedom Call’s past. This album i

Du magazine Nuclear Blast:

1.Union Of The Strong 5:02
2.Knights Of Taragon 4:44
3.Heart Of A Warrior 3:13
4.Come On Home 4:03
5.Beyond 7:49
6.Among The Shadows 3:45
7.Edge Of The Ocean 3:37
8.Journey Into Wonderland 3:59
9.In The Rhythm Of Light 4:03
10.Dance Off The Devil 3:45
11.Paladin 4:09
12.Follow Your Heart 3:51
13.Colours Of Freedom 4:15
14. Beyond Eternity 3:03

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Union Of The Strong 5:02
2 - Knights Of Taragon 4:43
3 - Heart Of A Warrior 3:12
4 - Come On Home 4:03
5 - Beyond 7:48
6 - Among The Shadows 3:44
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