to release "AugenBlicke"

to release "AugenBlicke" - 2004-07-26

2004-07-26 - German Gothic/Dark Wave band ILLUMINATE will release its ninth studio album "AugenBlicke" on September 27th. After eleven years of making music, more than 120.000 sold CDs (only in German-speaking countries!) and countless live shows all over the world, "AugenBlicke" is the most mature and personal album of ILLUMINATE thus far. Mastermind Johannes Berthold and his charismatic fellows once again created a harmonious mixture of classical elements, dance beats, synthesizers and e-guitars that thematically and musically ties up to the very successful albums ILLUMINATE released in the last years. Pure dark & romantic enjoyment!

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new album!

new album!

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releaseparties for "Augenblicke"

releaseparties for "Augenblicke"

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