new drummer

new drummer - 2002-09-24

2002-09-24 - Some news directly from Kristoffer:

"Marcus Bergman, our drummer, has decided to quit the band. He's been having problems with his ears for quite some time now. He also wants to play a different type of music (not metal). It was sad when he anounced it but it didn't come as a supprise to us. He hasn't really been rehearsing with us for many many months (since he went to Thailand). All this time we've been writing music and rehearsing without him and it has been frustrating not to get to hear the new music with drums.
So even though it's sad that he quits, it's also a relief because we can now continue and look for a new drummer.
Marcus departure was handled in a really nice way and we're still the best of friends and he's been very helpful in trying to find a new drummer for us.

The new music is progressing really well, we've written some of our absolute best material ever."

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