bunch of news!

bunch of news! - 2002-08-16

2002-08-16 - Hail there Brothers and Sisters,

Hope you are all doing really great!
Things have been so crazily hectic over the past few months and it's really taken us by surprise how the time has just flown by so quickly without being able to update you on the latest PEGAZUS news for so, here we go!

First of all we would really like to thank all you PEGAZUS WARRIORS out there that have strongly supported us and bought our KILLER new album The Headless Horseman and praised the hell out of really does mean so much to all of us in the band to recieve the awesome responses and feedback that you guys have been giving back to us since it's release back in mid March.
We are also so glad to see that not only has The Headless Horseman album reassured the many true fans out there, but also the critics too...clearly knowing that PEGAZUS really is a band that truly means business playin' kick ass HEAVY METAL !!!

The Headless Horseman - Video Clip
The band shot a video clip for the title song The Headless Horseman not so long is the first video we have done since our Wings Of Destiny album back in 1998. It was a real blast to get around to finally shoot another band video again. It is actually a live on stage type of video which we really wanted to do, so we could try to capture the exciting and raw energy of the band truly as we are in a real live performance, even with the real sweat dripping off our faces....hehehe

Also incorporated into the video clip is a visual story based on the headless horseman character of course which also has the band members trying to be as good as possible in some fine acting roles...hahaha...all in all, it really was fun to make and we hope you guys will enjoy it too!
Directed by Rami 'Spielberg' Freiha and created by one of the finest Heavy Metal video crews put together in Australia (Craig Broderick, Frank Diciero and Henry Karjalainen)...this video is dripping of raw cinematic passion and class!

It should be released by our record label Nuclear Blast sometime in the near future but we also plan on having the video clip downloadable right here on our website very soon, just for all you fans out there in all parts of the world, to get an exclusive and first look at it!
More news on this to come in the near future!

We just recieved confirmation from our great friend Adrienne 'Queen Pegazus' Baumann in the USA who is the President of the Official PEGAZUS Fan Club...
After many months of great preparation, the Fan Club is NOW finally alive, operational and actively taking on members to join the very unique Heavy Metal Army of PEGAZUS WARRIORS !!!

Here is the Fan Club website address, so check it out:

Here is the actual message below that QUEEN PEGAZUS has forwarded to us very recently:

We hope that we have a lot of Warriors out there to come together and unite thru the fanclub! Check out the site (Pegazus Warriors Fanclub website) and hope to have you join and become a true Pegazus Warrior!!! There are a lot of benefits to joining the fan club including exclusive merchandise!! Keep the spirit of True Metal alive by joining the club!! HAIL and Stay Heavy!!

Queen Pegazus


In the last website update, it was announced that the band has recently made available some great NEW Official and very exclusive T-shirts, Girly Tops and other merchandise which is not available from anywhere else but directly from the band in Australia and the fan club in the USA.
Check out all the gear available that you can order easily and directly in our merchandise section.

There have been some great contributions made to the website from many fans and friends over the past few thanx ever so much to all who have been contributing and sharing with us all, especially our true metal Sister Sarah from the USA.
She has been transcribing a hell of a lot of PEGAZUS tunes from the new album (nearly the whole album actually!) and now some of the older classic tunes can find Sarah's great PEGAZUS Tabs right here in our Tablature section or you can go and visit her also at her very cool and very metal website at:

We also would like to really show our appreciation and thanx to our band's great and very awesome endorsers...the equipment companies that have looked after us over the years! Some have been with us for a few years now and some have come aboard in the past year and we thank you all for the great gear, the excellent service and the awesome understanding and relationship we have!

Kellie @ Seymour Duncan, Dave @ GHS Strings, Jimy @ Jimy Picks,
Tony & Adam @ Drum Partner (Sonor Drums & JohnnyRaBB Sticks),
Chris & Murray @ Zildjian, Malcolm @ Aquarian

Over the past few months we have been negotiating with a few tour promoters about touring and so far nothing has been totally confirmed yet but there are some great possibilities coming up if all goes well with the discussions taking place at the moment!
News on any confirmed tour dates which we hope to announce as soon as possible will be officially mentioned first, right here on our website! More news on touring to come very soon!

A Special thanx to a great brother of metal...many thanx Joe Matera.

Anyway, that's all for now till our next news update coming again very soon...
" take care our truest fans and friends and keep the metal spirit forever free ! "

Metal Forever!!!

Johnny, Robbie, Rob.T & Hanny

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