AVATARIUM – official ‘Boneflower’ lyric video & solo trailer on ‘Boneflower’ and ‘Moonhorse’ now online!


2013-10-23 - “Flowers grow inside the bones / To catch the beauty of longing souls / Deep down there in forest glades / Love is bigger than death itself…”

So sings the tender voice of AVATARIUM’s Jennie-Ann Smith capturing the true essence of the song “Boneflower,” whose lyric video is now up for viewing on YouTube:

Featuring legendary doom metal pioneer Leif Edling (CANDLEMASS) on bass, Marcus Jidell (EVERGREY) on guitar, Carl Westholm (CANDLEMASS) on keyboards, and Lars Sköld (TIAMAT) on drums with Jennie-Ann Smith handling vocal duties, AVATARIUM’s 3-song Moonhorse limited edition import 12” gatefold vinyl EP will be exclusively released in North America via Nuclear Blast USA’s Webshop on October 29th and features a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.”

Guitarist Marcus Jidell created a video highlighting his riffs & solos and states, “This is how I play the riffs from ‘Moonhorse’ and ‘Boneflower,’ but since both these solos are totally improvised, there wasn't a chance that I could play the same thing again. So I did two new solos in front of the camera where I tried to put in the same feel as in the album solos. When I filmed this, I really felt how much I want to play these songs live. Can’t wait!! I hope you'll enjoy.”

Watch his video here:

Absorb more of AVATARIUM’s dark poetics through the official lyric video for “Moonhorse”:

The Moonhorse EP track listing is:

Side A, Track 1 – Moonhorse
Side B, Track 1 – Boneflower
Side B, Track 2 – War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)
The CD version of the band’s full-length self-titled debut album, Avatarium, is due out in the North America on November 26th.

Avatarium’s track listing is:

01. Moonhorse
02. Pandora's Egg
03. Avatarium
04. Boneflower
05. Bird Of Prey
06. Tides Of Telepathy
07. Lady In The Lamp

Visit AVATARIUM online at


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