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Edguy - Space Police - Defenders of the Crown
Tobias Sammet explains: The perfect EDGUY-Album: “You throw in a lot of Metal, heavy guitars, fast drums, catchy melodies, an Austrian FALCO cover version, some flamboyant Glam elements, write 9-minute Zeppelinesque epics about the immortality of the soul and then muse over the love-drive of cave-people, you stir it up, record it and put an Evel-Knievel-hotshot-Space-Cop on the cover. Et voilà: You have an album that every band would be torn to peaces for; unless the band is named EDGUY- then it‘s a classic, a perfect killing machine, an exploration of places that no reasonable band would ever dare to go, unless you're equipped with sabre, torch and the balls of a Diplodocus; and you take into consideration to just not give a fuck at all. NOW THAT‘S METAL!“

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