Blood Of The Nations


ACCEPT - Blood Of The Nations

Sortie le: 2010-08-20

After a few years away from the heavy metal scene, ACCEPT are ready to return to the metal forefront with renewed strength, enthusiasm and a new album that hits you with that unmistakable, classic ACCEPT sound. „Blood Of The Nations“ offers 14 brand new songs chock-full of timeless, glorious riffs and uncompromising heavy metal power. „Blood Of The Nations“ is an album every bit as voluminous as the band’s legendary releases from the mid-eighties. ACCEPT has taken on a new outlook on both life and the music industry with new metal anthems that carry on the legendary tradition of Accept and are infused with novel ideas and a full metal attitude. “Blood Of The Nations“ arrives just in time for a triumphant, newACCEPT era to begin! It is the first ACCEPT studio album in over a decade andthe first to feature Mark Tornillo on vocals. It was recorded over the winter of 2010at „Backstage Studio“ in Derbyshire, England with celebrated British producer, Sabbat guitarist and long-time ACCEPT fan Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nevermore). Wolf sums it up plain and simple: “Something amazing has happened. We seem to have been transformed from one world into another… these new songs simply bursted out of a vault that has been locked up for too long! We’re not sure where Blood of the Nations and all this new excitement will ultimately take us; we only know one thing: We never had it this good!” Summer 2009 – some great news reached the media, the fans and the labels: “ACCEPT are back with a new singer!”. In the beginning, the reactions were reserved and the people started to discuss. How shall ACCEPT function with a new singer!?! But very fast, as ACCEPT started their activities, the news became more and more like a tidal wave. The messages came big and fast! ACCEPT signed worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast. ACCEPT cripple Twitter worldwide! International press like CNN, BBC World, The Independent, New York Times, Spiegel Online are talking about “Twittergeddon”. A German hard rock legend is responsible for one of the biggest traffic in internet history. ACCEPT – the new video „Teutonic Terror” achieves number 1 on the myspace video charts in the categories “All Genres” and “Hard Rock / Metal” worldwide. The video also achives Top 5 rankings in the national myspace video charts of UK, Japan, New Zealand, France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea etc. ACCEPT rocked the Rock Hard Festival into the ground and become the secret headliner! ACCEPT – main support at the AC/DC arena shows in Hannover and Stuttgart (Germany). ACCEPT – Headliner of the SONISPHERE festivals in Bucharest and Istanbul, where RAMMSTEIN and METALLICA performed the headliner slot on the other days. Result: ACCEPT proceed with a velocity, which is possibly record-breaking! And who believes, this is the climax, will wonder in the next month! The ACCEPT battle ship is on the high seas and converges to the mainland. Be aware! A vibrant and mesmerizing album, „Blood Of The Nations“ harnesses everything that earned ACCEPT the status of a true heavy metal legend… thunderous riffs, blinding guitar leads with intricate melodies, aggressive vocals and infectious, undiluted metal songs with a bite that are destined to once again put ACCEPT where they belong; the oligarchy of the heavy metal world!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Beat The Bastards 5:25
2 - Teutonic Terror 5:14
3 - The Abyss 6:54
4 - Blood Of The Nations 5:38
5 - Shades Of Death 7:33
6 - Locked And Loaded 4:29
7 - Time Machine (bonus track) 5:25
8 - Kill The Pain 5:47
9 - Rollin' Thunder 4:54
10 - Pandemic 5:36
11 - New World Comin' 4:51
12 - No Shelter 6:04
13 - Bucketful Of Hate 5:12