Ashes To Ashes


CANDLEMASS - Ashes To Ashes

Sortie le: 2010-04-23

Mighty Swedish epic doom legends CANDLEMASS are back!!! And they sure didn`t come empty-handed: "Ashes to Ashes" is a massive live onslaught on DVD that boasts two full shows (one at Sweden Rock festival 2009, the other one in Athens the same year) – plus the Sweden Rock show on CD too. Not to mention an in-depth band interview and plenty of bonus stuff! This release also marks the first live album / live DVD with vocalist Robert Lowe and material from the last two albums, namely "King of the Grey Islands" and "Death Magic Doom"! Mixed with classic tunes such as 'Samarithan', 'At the Gallows End' or 'Solitude', "Ashes to Ashes" truly is a treat for every CANDLEMASS fan and a must have for all traditional metal gourmets! DVD: Ashes To Ashes Live – Sweden Rock Festival (69 min.) 01. Dark Are The Veils Of Death 02. Samarithan 03. If I Ever Die 04. Hammer Of Doom 05. At The Gallows End 06. Emperor Of The Void 07. The Bleeding Baroness 08. A Sorcerers Pledge 09. Solitude 10. Kill The King No Sleep ‘til Athens – Club Gagarin Athens (96 min.) 01. Mirror Mirror 02. Samarithan 03. At The Gallows End 04. If I Ever Die 05. Hammer Of Doom 06. Dark Are The Veils Of Death 07. Demons Gate 08. Emperor Of The Void 09. Man Of Shadows 10. The Bleeding Baroness 11. Tears 12. A Sorcerers Pledge 13. Demon Of The Deep 14. Solitude Interview with the band (30 min.) Swedenrock Gallery No Sleep ‘til Athens Gallery

Liste des titres
1 - Dark Are The Veils Of Death
2 - Samarithan
3 - If I Ever Die
4 - Hammer Of Doom
5 - At The Gallows End
6 - Emperor Of The Void
7 - The Bleeding Baroness
8 - A Sorcerers Pledge
9 - Solitude
10 - Kill the King