Burn After Reaping


HACKNEYED - Burn After Reaping

Sortie le: 2009-08-14

Germany’s death metal lunatics # 1 strike again! After taking the world by storm with their debut “Death Prevails” in 2008 and performing the hell out of various stages all over Germany (Summer Breeze Open Air, Metalfest w/ MORBID ANGEL…) and in some foreign countries as well receiving euphoric reactions from the crowds, HACKNEYED are back with a bang! Although the band showed a lot of their potential on “Death Prevails” (while being just around 16 years old when having recorded it), “Burn After Reaping” really shows what these guys are made of. A lot more of their deadly groove, really pissed off, atypically but very fittingly dark, brutal as hell and tight as fuck HACKNEYED are summing it up to 13 ass kicking tracks (15 including 2 bonus tracks: “Guantanamo Bay Holiday” & “Mental Mastication“) of modern old school death metal that pick it up where their gory hit “Gut Candy” left off. The world’s youngest death metal act has not just improved a lot music wise, also the lyrics that once again deal with social topics mixed with gore themes, have a much more mature approach this time. Songs like “”Finger On The Trigger”, “Deatholution”, “Kingdom Of Thoughts” or “Home Meat Home” got just everything that catches a metalhead to bang the shit out of his neck. Sensational breaks & cymbal work, just awesome melodies & shredding riffs match up with pounding grooves and brutal vocals from deep down below. Produced by Corni Bartels (DIE ÄRZTE, END OF GREEN, DONOTS etc…) “Burn After Reaping” gained the power of an anvil, combined with the outstanding graphic work by Killustrations’ very own Björn Goosses (NIGHT IN GALES), “Burn After Reaping” rips about 100 times more than a similar entitled George Clooney movie.

Liste des titres
1 - Burn ...
2 - Weed Flavoured Meat
3 - Deatholution
4 - Kingdom Of Thoughts
5 - March Of The Worms
6 - Bloodshed
7 - Redying
8 - Finger On The Trigger
9 - Home Meat Home
10 - Putrid
11 - Last Man On Earth
12 - ...After Reaping