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RAGE - Gib Dich nie auf

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25 years in RAGE:This means 25 years of HEAVY METAL SUPREMACY!
Marking the 25th anniversary of the band, 2009 will also show up with several more events for RAGE! First off Peavy, Victor and André will release their new EP „Gib Dich nie auf“ which will feature the German versions of „Never Give Up“ & „Full Moon“ as well as an orchestral version of „Lord Of The Flies“ and a brand new power ballad called „Home“.
The intermezzo will also include a video clip for the song „Refuge“ which has been recorded at 2007’s legendary Wacken Open Air and the track „Terrified“ that originally appeared on the „Into The Light“ album by NUCLEAR BLAST ALLSTARS! So the EP marks a really exclusive package until the release of the next album.Right after having that record out, the band will follow the footsteps of their fellow labelmates SVBWAY TO SALLY: the notorious RAGE will participate on Stefan Raab’s mega TV event „Bundesvision Song Contest“ on February 13th to represent their province of North Rhine Westphalia as well as the metal community.
Furthermore Peavy & Co. won’t stop to rock the clock non stop – a few special headliner dates in order to celebrate their 25th anniversary have been scheduled as well.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Gib Dich nie auf (edit – german version of “Never Give Up”) 2:59
2 - Vollmond (german version of “Full Moon”) 4:54
3 - Never Give Up (english version) 4:07
4 - Terrified (taken from the album “Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into The Light”) 4:01
5 - Lord Of The Flies (orchestral version) 5:51
6 - Home (new ballad) 3:12
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