Grind Bastard


BENEDICTION - Grind Bastard

Sortie le: 1998-03-30

THEY'RE BACK!!!After a lot of rumours about splitting up and a long term hiatus Englands Death Metal band No.1 is back in business again. They are stronger and better than ever!!!"GRIND BASTARD" is an album which will set a good standard in the genre of Death Metal. They recorded 13 Songs, more brutal, aggressive, heavier and faster than ever.and every song can become a classic one day. If you don't believe it, check out songs like "WE THE FREED", "NERVEBOMB" or the genius titletrack "GRIND BASTARD" and you'll know what is meant. They also recorded two coverversions to tribute two of their favourite bands: JUDAS PRIEST ("ELECTRIC EYE") and TWISTED SISTER ("DESTROYER")."GRIND BASTARD", which was produced by ANDY SNEAP at Square Centre Studios in Nottingham, is a masterpiece without any compromises and if you talk about the leading Death Metal bands, you have to consider BENEDICTION. If there's a band who wants to get on top of this genre, they have to beat the "Gods" from Birmingham.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Deadfall 4:40
2 - Agonised 4:14
3 - West Of Hell 3:09
4 - Magnificat 4:51
5 - Nervebomb 3:39
6 - Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover) 4:20
7 - Grind Bastard 7:23
8 - Shadow World 3:14
9 - The Bodiless 5:36
10 - Carcinoma Angel 3:50
11 - We The Freed 2:41
12 - Destroyer (Twisted Sister cover) 4:21
13 - I 7:20