Glory To The Brave


HAMMERFALL - Glory To The Brave

Sortie le: 1997-06-27

Get ready for a Heavy Metal invasion! The new metal export from Sweden has arrived on the scene...HammerFall is the name of one of the most promissing metal band originating from the Land of Ice, Sweden. With the most astonishing sound from the past decade, these incredibly skillfull musicians testify what's in mind of every true metal fan. Heavy Metal will survive this era of inferior music and head for the glory it reached during the eighties. Their lyrics deal with topics ranging from sword wielding warriors, to the travelling of dimensions, to paying homage to Heavy Metal and to the inconsolable losing of the beloved ones. People tend to characterize the band's music as classic Heavy Metal, and nothing could be closer to the truth! Hammerfall play Metal the way it was supposed to be played and the way every metal head would consider as the right way. Among influences they are proud to list are the immortal metal gods Manowar, Helloween, Accept, Judas Priest, and Stormwitch.HammerFall is the band for all you true Heavy Metal fan who will never cease to love this type of music!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Dragon Lies Bleeding 4:22
2 - The Metal Age 4:28
3 - HammerFall 4:47
4 - I Believe 4:53
5 - Child of the Damned (Warlord cover) 3:42
6 - Steel Meets Steel 4:02
7 - Stone Cold 5:43
8 - Unchained 5:38
9 - Glory To The Brave 7:20
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